24 oktober 2013 - Ede, Nederland



Today I received the E-mail with the approval and the final dates of my leave for the trip in 2014 / 2015!


The definite days are known now:

  •  First day Saturday June 28th 2014
  •  Last day Sunday January 11th 2015

Now I can tell my good friend Alex Brede.

He will cycle with me from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to his home in Bellingham, Washington State.

I Just bought a ticket (for myself only) this did cost me €804. This is a ticket from Amsterdam to Prudhoe bay.

Stopovers will be Frankfurt (Germany) and Anchorage (USA).

I’ll arrive in Prudhoe bay at Sunday June 29th 2014 at 08:46!

Next to this I’ll have to find out about the extra costs of the luggage and of course the Bicycle itself.

I am very happy that I started the first steps of this new big trip!

More information in a week!


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