A good friend and Choices

3 november 2013 - Ede, Nederland

A good Friend and Choices


Like I said last time, I had bought my ticket all the way to Prudhoe Bay via Anchorage.


After that I had Skype contact with Alex Brede, my good friend with who I will cycle together from Prudhoe Bay to Bellingham  (WA).

He now also bought his ticket.

Alex and I will share a hotel in Anchorage on Saturday June 28th and leave Anchorage the next morning for our flight together to Prudhoe bay!





The old plan:


Before this planned trip in 2014 there was a completely different plan.

This was to cycle with my Quest (a Velomobiel bicycle) from the Netherlands to Japan. For this I would cycle through Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

Unfortunately this plan brought a lot of problems with Visa times and rules.

The biggest problem was the border between Kazakhstan and China.

At the border of Kazakhstan, the border could be closed without notice.

In China there is a minority group; the Uyghur people which can give trouble in China.

This gives China a reason to close the border without warning.

This would cause a big problem for me, because I can’t go back (Visa will expire) and I can’t cross the border that is closed soo….

So a new plan was needed.


New plan now:


Now my choice of the trip in 2014 is “Alaska Panama”.

The biggest inspiration came from the TV show “Going South” this eventually did deceie me to cycle this part of the PanAmerican Highway.

This is an “often” cycled route.

The variation is great, starting and endpoint are different also some follow the coastline and sometimes more inland, in short; a lot of choices for the route.

My main route is ready in general and I will change it whenever needed, you all read about it in my blog.


The Dalton Highway is a clear starting point for me! Remote, deserted, partly grave with a lot of hard times; a beautiful start of my trip!


Together with a good friend; what more can you wish for?