Menno Dekhuyzen

Menno Dekhuyzen

Menno Dekhuyzen
65 jaar
Ede, Nederland
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oktober 2013

Over mij

I am a world cyclist.

At least this is what I like to do very much.

Normally I am working in a hospital in my hometown in the Netherlands, Europe.

I am married and have three kids.

Two daughters and one son.

They all work in a hospital.

After my last long trip in 2008 I asked to have a sabbatical period for another trip.

This resulted in a new plan.

After postponing another plan, cycling in a Quest from the Netherlands to Japan, I decided to go to "plan B".

This is the plan which is on this website.

Over mijn reis

The plan is to cycle with a recumbent, the condor from Optimacycles, from Alaska to Panama.

Crossing Canada into the USA. Following the coastline al the way to San Diego.

There I will go a little inland and go into Mexico.

When I crossed the Baja the California, I will take the ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan, the mainland of Mexico.

There I will follow the coastline all the way to Guatamala.

The next country I will cross will be El Salvador.

A short visit through Honduras will take me to Nicaragua.

From there I will go through Costa Rica into Panama where I will take the plane home in Panama City.

All this will take between 5 and 6 months of cycling.

About 100 km a day and 600 a week will be average.


Bezochte landen

Ik heb 14 landen (6%) bezocht:

België, Canada, Denemarken, Duitsland, Frankrijk, Luxemburg, Nederland, Noorwegen, Oostenrijk, Polen, Spanje, Verenigde Staten, Zweden, Zwitserland.