A really new start!

15 oktober 2013 - Ede, Nederland


After a few e-mails with "reislogger.nl" (my) mistake is solved!

From today on;  the real start of the weblog in Dutch and English.

A separate weblog for both languages because the Google translation isn't good enough. I think my English is much better

The next things will be important to deal with;

  • Thinking of a good name for both blogs
  • making business cards
  • finishing the building tasks at home 
  • making schemes for the several preparations for my trip.
  • Than I will start writing a blog-story every week.


Another important thing;

The planner at my work (hospital) said that I might start with my trip even earlier.

She had to deal for this with my unit boss.

This way I might start earlier.

As soon as I know the definite date I can buy my (first) ticket.

But I will tell you that in a special update on this blog.