I-94 "problems"

5 januari 2014 - Ede, Nederland

I-94 “problem”


In the process to make things work, I am now fixing a mistake made by the customs of the USA in 2010.

They did forget to remove the piece of paper (I-94) that was stapled in my passport.

This paper has a date stamped on it on which I had to be departed from the USA again.

They had to remove the I-94 but I was (and I am) responsible. I did not know.


I have a visa for the USA until 2017, but if I don’t solve this problem I will be sent back to the Netherlands without hesitation!


In Kentucky there is an office where I have to send all my evidence, making clear I left the USA on November 19th 2010.


This is:

·      Evidence of my original boarding pass.

·      Evidence of my credit card being used since than, outside the USA

·      Several salary payments as a proof I was paid for working in the Netherlands after my arrival in November 2010

·      Roster maps and working roster of my work for that time.

·      Copies of passport, old and new

·      Copy of the I-94

·      An official letter from my work in which they conform I worked again after my arrival from the USA.


I don’t have my boarding pass anymore.

The credit card isn’t used as much for normal paying shopping in Europe.

In the United States a credit card is used for normal groceries and other daily shopping.


My big worry is;

Will they confirm they have enough evidence and the problem is solved?

Will they send a mail or letter in which they declare the problem solved, or need more evidence?

In the end I might need to go to the consulate in Amsterdam to try and solve this problem.


We will have to wait and see.

The coming week I will send this envelope to Kentucky and I will let you know in this blog.


Thanks to Wim Heebels for handing me the solution of this problem.

Wim is a former “Pan-American Highway cyclist” who helped me with information about this trip.

Wim however, did it all the way to Ushuaia, Argentina, where he finished December 2012!




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  1. John Oppenhuizen:
    6 januari 2014
    Thank you for the holiday wishes and the info on your upcoming trip. I'm impressed!! Will follow your blog and hope you get the visa problems resolved soon. All the best from Twyla, Elsa and Carleton also.