7 months to go and Buffalo…..

29 december 2013 - Ede, Nederland

In 7 months I‘ll be in Prudhoe Bay with Alex and building up the bicycles from their transport boxes, preparing for the start on July 1st.


There are several items that need to be replaced.

On the other trip in 2008, I used several items almost every day and those are at the end of their life cycle, or not good enough to use for another 6 months.



One principle I would like to change and test is a “new” view of clothing during intensive exercise.

A lot of my friends are known with the three-layer principle.

The first layer is keeping you dry and passes sweat to the second layer.

The second layer is keeping the air trapped and passing the sweat to the third layer.

The third layer is windproof, waterproof, is breathable and keeping you warm during exercise.

A BIG disadvantage of this system is:

  •   If you are wet of exercise and the weather is cold, breathability is lower so you will cool down fast, this is very uncomfortable and might even be dangerous.
  •  Three layers are heavier (and more expensive) than one, so moving is easier and will cost less energy.


The “new” system is one (maybe a light second) layer.

The Buffalo jacket is made of Pertex outer-, a windproof layer that will keep the wind from your body. The Pertex isn’t waterproof!

Inside the Buffalo jacket there is a fleece like fabric.

Here lies the secret!

This layer will transport the sweat towards the outer layer with the warmth of your body.

Because the outer layer isn’t waterproof the water (sweat) is transported outwards. Also because the outer layer isn’t waterproof, breathability is very good.

The warmth of your body is keeping you dry.

Even if you are in a heavy rain the special fabric will feel dry.

Also the fact that the police and military in England are using it proofs that it is the best.



There are a lot of very interesting reviews on the website of “buffalo”



On the Youtube there is a test of the jacket that impressed me very much!



Please let me know what you think of this?

When I am on the road I will review the jacket.


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  1. Juli Fenton:
    5 januari 2014
    I enjoyed your Christmas letter. Good luck on your new adventures.