E-94, Bicycle set up, plan C…

12 januari 2014 - Ede, Nederland

There are three issues I want to tell you about today.


Last wednesday the proof (of being in the Netherlands in 2010) has been sent to Kentucky and I hope everything will work out fine.

                                                                                                              Bicycle set up

Henk, my very good friend and I, reviewed the Condor (my recumbent) last week and made a list of what had to be worked on.

It is an extended list, which I will explain in a later story on this blog.

I will start working on the bicycle myself the coming week.  First the bicycle shop will make a new wheel for me. The rim has to be replaced and I can’t do that good enough myself.

                                                                                                               Plan C…

Because there is a possibility the E-94 problem won’t be solved before I leave, I’ll have to develop an other plan, just in case.

If I can tell you more about that I will make another blog entry, just for that.

I hope I won’t have to cancel plan B (Alaska to Panama)

For those unaware of plan A; this was to cycle from the Netherlands to Japan with my Quest Velomobiel.

The loss of money spent is one thing (ticket and maps of the route, etc), but the chance of Alex being on his own because I can’t come to the USA will be a terrible thought.



I am confident, in the end, everything will work out fine, however this issue will cost me some sleepless hours!