Another 7 weeks!

14 mei 2014 - Ede, Nederland

Wow How Time Truly Flies!




I am currently still working on my bicycle, named the Condor.  With the help of a very good friend and going to the bicycle shop to learn how to make the repairs, we were able to change the chain ring on the Rohloff hub.

The Rohloff hub is actually a gear box filled with oil similar to the one in a car. Now that the chainring has been changed I will only have to change the oil.

I will have to carry an extra small chain with me to create a chain whip, in the event of damage.  Knowing now how to make the repair, it should be an easy fix.




During further inspection, I found a bigger problem:


There was no free space for my front wheel tire between the fork and the fender. You could say it was more of a challenge rather than a problem I suppose.

I could solve this by;


  • I could ride without a fender, but this is not an option when it rains because I would be splattered with mud and water
  • I could buy another more wider fork, but this proves to be difficult if not impossible;
  • I could replace the current tire for a smaller one, but I don't like the idea of cycling over rough terrain with any other tires than the ones that I have now. I use the Swalbe Mondial, a very wide, reliable and    durable tire that is ideal for the tour I have planned;
  • I could modify the old fender and the new one by removing the fender under the fork and replacing this by with two separate fenders. One shorter one in front of the fork (with some added extra stability) and a partial fender behind the fork.




The option of modification resulted in enough space above and next to the tire that it was able to spin freely. I am very happy with the end result!!! I would like to thank my very good friend Henk for assisting me in the repairs. We always have so much fun working together no matter what the job. I will soon be missing him, as he will be visiting his daughter and her husband as well as his newborn granddaughter in Australia!! Congratulations Grandpapa!!!!! He will be leaving Tuesday May 13 and won't be returning until after my departure to Alaska.


                                                                    Throwing Bag


The last time I told you about the throwing bag, I forgot to tell you what it was for. My apologies. I was so happy to finish this part of my luggage that I totally forgot the reason why and what is for.

Well, it is to put my food bags in (or preferably in between) trees to prevent bears (Black or Grizzly) and raccoons (part of the bear family, but smaller) from sharing my food with me.



Another thing that I have started is my sponsoring goal.

Cycling Out Of Poverty (COOP) is an organization that I have sponsored in the past by giving presentations of my trips. From 2008 until now I have raised for them almost 1000 euro. This time I started earlier and I am hoping to reach a goal for them of 2250 euro with presentations as well as sponsoring with a special website:

So far this is a success as I have only mentioned it briefly on Facebook!! In the coming weeks I will leave a poster and lists at several departments in the hospital where I have worked for 35 years, knowing many people, trying to make more money for COOP!!!




COOP is a small but successful organization that is building tough bikes in and for Africa. Built by the local people giving them employment for the circumstances there. When / if something breaks down.........more employment!!!

These bikes, to be bought by the people, can be used to escape the poverty by increasing income. Paying back the money for the bicycle and having a better life.

Each bicycle can be used to:


  • Take larger loads to the market versus smaller loads by foot which will result in traveling to other markets where if the loads are larger the profit is larger. This can occur more often with bicycles than on foot creating even more money earned.
  • These bicycles can also be used as bicycle taxis, which again create jobs and more income.


The people have more prospects in a better life standard to help them escape poverty.

Now even children can receive these bicycles for free, helping them reach schools more easily giving them a better opportunity for education.


All in all, I hope that you can agree, that this is a very good cause to support. Please consider supporting this with me. Thank you.


                                                                    Last days of my trip


For the remainder of 2014 into 2015, I will be spending 3 days prior to my flight back home near Panama City.

A colleague of mine suggested Valley View Room in Altos del Maria. She said it was like Heaven. It is located only 100km from Panama City. I agree that it will be a wonderful and serene place to be while the year changes. I already booked the reservation via




Well, this is what I wish to tell you at the moment.

Still a lot of hurdles to overcome, I am a little nervous as to what to expect.

I will be very glad to land in Prudhoe Bay!!!