Very strange weeks

25 mei 2014 - Ede, Nederland


My family was very concerned about some parts of the trip.
We talked for some time and I could take away some of the worries.
After explaining more about how I did see the supposed dangers and their solutions, my family was a little more relaxed.


                                                                    Spot device

For instance I am using a special device where my family and some members of my friends, can see, at any point along my trip, where exactly I will be!
It is called the "Spot device" (
I will post a link now and then so you can enjoy this feature too!
Also a very important feature is that, if I am in big trouble, I can push the SOS button.
A search and rescue operation will be started. They know exactly where I am.
This is also covered by the insurance!

                                                                    Safety in countries

Next I could assure them that several countries are, generally spoken, negatively in the news / media.
Negativity sells best for news media like newspapers and TV!
I did read a lot about these, so called,  “dangerous” countries from cyclists who where cycling there.
Almost everybody was positive about all countries involved in my trip.

The country Honduras was different. This country was described as dark and the atmosphere not positive.
The distance from the border of El Salvador to the border of Nicaragua is about 130 km.
This will take me 1 day or at the most 1,5 day.

I promised my family if I felt it to be dangerous I would leave quicker by taking the bus, taxi or if available, the train.
I also will take more hostels / hotels and not stealth camp (pitching my tent outside official campsites).
They are still very concerned, which I understand.



Next was a very disappointed Skype call from my very good friend Alex.
This is the friend I would start cycling with from Prudhoe Bay Alaska to Bellingham where he lives with his wife Megan.

His parents live in California both about 90 years old.
His mother was suppose to have a heart operation in may, so Alex could help her around this event at their place.
This way he could start cycling with me in July.
But… his mother broke her arm and surgery had to be postponed until July.
Well, you could guess what Alex had to choose; caring for his mother.
It was a bummer for him and of course also for me.
But I can totally understand his choice!


The funny thing was that it was is birthday and the package I did sent to him with items for my trip (Bellingham going south).
But also I had several presents for his birthday in this package.
Megan, his wife, did hide the package.
So I asked her to give Alex the package, so he could unwrap his presents in front of the Skype camera.
He was very happy with the presents.


We had a nice conversation afterwards.
But we have to arrange several things.

  • He received a tent I bought in the USA, which he would take with him when we should meet in Anchorage.
  • Also he would arrange our lodging in Prudhoe Bay.

All these things will be arranged in time.

We will Skype several times before my departure from the Netherlands!


Probably we will cycle together this year, but we both don’t know when and where!



Another 5 weeks and I will fly from Amsterdam!