“What friends and Family are for “part two!

13 april 2014 - Ede, Nederland

One month ago I did write my last story.

 A lot of small things happened, but not enough to have a full story to tell you.


Like the title tells you, I had and still have a lot of help from friends and family for preparing well for this coming trip.


First I would like to thank “Ton Roos” for helping me with my cooking stove!

He solved some issues and showed me how to do the maintenance.

We, together, found a solution for the possible breakdown of the tube, which feeds the fuel to the burner.

By not bending it and keeping the tube straight it won’t break.

(The stainless steel armor round the tube, I mean!)


Last week Ton helped me welding a new stainless steel base for my seat.

The old one wasn’t constructed good enough.

Now the base follows the curves much, much better, this way it won’t break (I think and I expect) like last time after 8000 km’s.


Early in my blog I was telling you about the Buffalo shirt.

My brother in law (Evert Jan) and his wife (Jolanda) are using these shirts / jackets all the time.

We, my wife Rieneke and I, were visiting them last weekend.

They were very interested in my trip and suggested I try one of their Buffalo shirts.

If I was content with the shirt I could keep it, well I was very surprised and happy with this offer.

Last week I did try the Buffalo shirt and I like it already!

“Unfortunately” it didn’t rain last week so I couldn’t put it to the test.

But I will let you know in time, or during the trip itself.


Also we discussed the problem I have hauling my food into a tree without climbing in it.

Evert Jan will give me 15 meters of Dyneema cord and showed me how they are using a throwing bag.

The reason they know a lot of this issue is that they work in forestry maintenance, cutting trees and processing them.


At home the gear I will use, is piling up and I still have to decide:

·      What to take with me,

·      What to sent to Alex (1/4 of the way in Bellingham Washington State) and

·      What to leave at home.


Also I asked a new company to find out the cheapest option to return home from Panama City http://www.weflycheap.nl .


I also purchased a new item I will use, I won’t tell you yet, but in time I will unveil this by showing when I use it!


I will write again when I have some news.

Only 2 ½ months and I am starting this adventure!

I am super excited!