What to expect of the first rough part!

8 december 2013 - Ede, Nederland


An impression of the first part of the trip, which I think is also the hardest part.

It’s 500 miles in length (800 km) and the biggest part is gravel.

When it is dry it is hard, but when it is wet, it is very, very hard!

We will cycle 9 – 11 days to reach Fairbanks. We will carry 14 days of food with us.

Water, will be carried for the first day. The rest of the days we will use water filters so we will have enough water during this time to Fairbanks.


Halfway there is the place "Coldfoot", here we can recover from the first part and charge up for the second part.

What I did read, they have an “all you can eat buffet”! This we will definitely use!

There are two things we will have to deal with.

1.     Trucks, they are a danger because they will continue on there lane and won’t deviate.

2.     Mosquitoes there are many, many of them, accept them and be prepared.

Also there is the danger of bears but;

We are not on their menu

We will be wise to camp in the right way, separate our smelling stuff (food and shampoo) from where we sleep, when we camp in the wild, which will be most of the time.

More about this subject when we are on the move!