Wayne, This is what friends are for!

23 februari 2014 - Ede, Nederland

Wayne, This is what friends are for!


It’s been two weeks since I wrote something!


This has several reasons;


My mother broke her hip and went into rehabilitation.

Also I went sick when I had a weekend duty.

Being sick when it’s your turn to work a weekend is twice as bad as being sick in the first place!

Well this is over now.


I also made a telephone call to the post service.

I had sent the proof for dealing with the “I-94” problem by registered mail.

They couldn’t trace the letter I did send to the USA!


This shocked me very much.
I thought the trip would be imposable to start in June!


I directly wrote an e-mail to the US embassy in the Netherlands and to a very good friend in the USA.

This friend, Wayne Wildgrube, had worked in Washington DC and he and his wife Dianne live in Virginia which is “nearby”.

The mail to the embassy in the Netherlands was answered with a vague answer.

I did sent the answer to Wayne and he said it wasn’t a very clear.


Later that week Wayne went to Washington DC to the Customs and Border Protection for me. He spoke to an officer there and explained my situation and doubt.

She was convinced that I had no problem on my re-entry to the USA when I had copies of proof and my “I-94” with me.

This is a great relieve!

You can imagine I am so grateful for the help of my friend Wayne!

I don’t know how to thank him!


For those of you who don’t know Wayne;

Tjoan and I met Wayne and Dianne in Virginia on our TransAm in 2008. We did ride together, of and on, and from Missouri up to the coast in Oregon continually. We had a lot of fun and are friends, for life, ever since.

The Wildgrube’s are very special couple!

On this trip in 2008 Dianne had her 70th birthday! They (still) are such a sports minded people!

They are a big inspiration for me!



Also I did, finally received some answer from the bureau I did sent the registered mail to. (this due to a complaint mailt I did write last week!)

This answer was very formal and I could understand it partly because of this language.

I, again, sent it to Wayne. He wrote back that this answer looked good!


I will try and write a story every week, at least one every two weeks!


Next story will be about “the dangers” of cycling outside the Netherlands and Belgium!

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  1. AlexBrede:
    23 februari 2014
    Yes! Wayne is great!