Snorkeling a highlight

7 november 2014 - Belmopan, Belize



As often said in the reply of my blog stories, it is taking so long to read a new story.

Excuse for this, I will try to make more stories faster!


One of the promises was to tell you about snorkeling in La Paz.

The host of our cycling friends in La Paz did organize a very affordable snorkeling party for all of us: Daisy, Jason, Tyler, Kate, Spencer and myself.


With a boat we were carried to an area that was known of the whale sharks.

Unfortunately they didn’t show up that moment.

Next we were on the way to an area round an island, which was used for snorkeling a lot. This took an hour to get there!

It was worth it.

First the captain sailed around the island; we did see a lot of seals already.

Then he “anchored”.

The water was very clear, a visibility of at least 30 feet!

Thousands of fish were swimming around us. This was breathtakingly beautiful!

Large schools of little fish were swimming around us, also bigger and sometimes very colorful fish too.

Next to this were the beautiful anemones and several types of corals.

Also crabs and big see stars were to be seen!

The funniest part were the sea lions that were swimming around us and playing with each other.


I have a waterproof camera and a GoPro video camera that is waterproof too. I made hundreds of pictures and video parts. These amount is needed to have a lot of material to work with, when I am home again.

During snorkeling I swim on my belly. This was causing to burn my back. Luckily I didn’t’ t have it burned so severe that I couldn’t sleep!

After this magnificent spot for snorkeling with the sea lions, we visited several beaches to do some more snorkeling. Also we did a short hike to visit a special spot on the island (preserved nature!) where there was a Sweetwater well!

Also on that island there was a saltwater lake with hundreds of crabs that emptied slowly after every high tide!


One of the last islands we visited was a bird’s island.

There were several pelicans, but also dozens of frigates birds. This is a very big bird of over 3 feet long and a wing width of over 6 feet!

These magnificent birds have males that have a big bright red throat. This throat can be blown like a balloon to impress the females. 

To catch fish they will scoop the fish out of the sea. They will never land on the water, like pelicans, pelicans will dive into the water to get their fish and rise up again!

Frigate birds will not be able to rise from the water to go into the air again.


This islands group is a beautiful preserved area!

On the way back, we sailed again along the area where whale sharks swim.

And we did see several. But when the captain has us go into the water, the whale sharks did dive into the deep, unfortunately!


When we arrived in the harbor we tipped the captain and his mate well. It was worth the effort!

This snorkeling trip was definitely one of the highlights of my trip!


Soon I will upload some pictures on the weblog. This depends of the


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  1. Jonynke:
    7 november 2014
    foto's erbij en ik heb het gevoel met je mee gesnorkeld te hebben, prachtig