6 maart 2014 - Ede, Nederland

                                                                     Safety of traveling anywhere


After a great long weekend, now it is time for a new story for my blog.
It was a very energetic weekend due to the long distance cycled (200 miles) together with being an informant for cyclists who would like to cycle in the USA and Canada.
This was on the annual fair for cyclists (holidays and longer trips) and hikers in Amsterdam.
There were people constantly at my table; a lot of nice contacts were created of people who are sure to cycle in the USA and Canada. But also people who would like to have more information first.

Next year I would like to do this again, I’ll be back in the Netherlands by that time.
Only I would like to share the table with my cycle-friend Marleen who did the TransAm too.
This way we can take each other’s place when we stretch our legs a little and see the fair ourselves.

After closing of the fair I cycled home, partly in the dark, a trip of 85 km with a lot of headwind. Even though I was cycling in my Quest it was hard, but rewarding in the end!




                                                           The main story of this entry: “safety of traveling anywhere”


Wim Heebels, a cycle friend who did the whole Pan-American Highway, he gave me a list of apps for my Smartphone.
One of the apps was an app of “the ministry of foreign affairs”. Here there is updated information about the (possible dangerous) situation in any foreign country.Here they also give an advise about what to do in this particular country.
When I read in this app, you hardly can travel safely outside the Netherlands and Belgium. Even in Germany and France there is caution when you travel there!

The so-called dangers are very divers:

·      Earthquakes,

·      Possible tornado’s,

·      Local Commotion,

·      Forrest Fires,

·      Floods,

·      (Heavy) criminal activity,

·      Terrorism,

·      Epidemics


As shown, a lot of reasons NOT to travel abroad!
It is always wise to keep your eyes and ears open during traveling! Be always very alert!
Nothing in life is without risk!


When I try to conciliate “my” patients I compare;

1.The “calculated risk” of being on the road by car, bicycle or just as a pedestrian, with

2.The fear of being anesthetized and being guarded very well!


I assured my family that I will be very careful and will leave the area immediately when I have the feeling something could be wrong!
This, if needed, by rental car, taxi, train or bus!
The biggest danger is the traffic that is passing me daily with great speed.
For this reason I have two mirrors to watch the movement of the traffic behind my back!


I don’t want to take unnecessary risks.
In problem areas I won’t travel in the evening or night. Also I won’t stealth camp. I will take good care in my choice of overnights.


I hope I explained the relativity of the “risks”?