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9 februari 2014 - Ede, Nederland

One week with no real news available.


Well, some news;

My mother (85 years old) broke her hip and that’s the main reason why I was too busy to post a new story.

I did have some good news; my bicycle can come with the plane and I know what the price will be, €100 until Anchorage and $75 for the last stretch.
I now have one thing less to worry about.


Other things I am busy with are;

·      One of the Ortlieb bags had to be repaired, this was done last Thursday.

·      I ordered several straps for the Ortlieb backpack / Solar panel connection.

·      Gear is being sorted out.

·      A long packing list has been made, things will become clearer now.

I received a good advise of the “travel nurse” in my hospital. This was about malaria preparations and other immunizations I’ll have to take. The first immunizations I received already.  Also I ordered my Anti Malaria medicine (Paludrin).

The I-94 problem, unfortunately, I didn’t hear from the government in the USA, yet.


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  1. AlexBrede:
    9 februari 2014
    I am so sorry to hear that your mom broke her hip! What happened?