Last update from the Netherlands

17 juni 2014 - Ede, Nederland

Last update before I leave


Last week I tested the gear on my recumbent with 80% of the weight I will carry with a little trip.


This was revealing!

I had to get used to a very heavy loaded bicycle, I was used to this fast. Although there will be more weight added when I leave Prudhoe Bay;

Food (9-11 kg), water (2 kg), my tent (2 kg) the bear container (1,2 kg) and gas (1 kg).

But I intend to try and sent some of the food south along the route or in Coltfoot.


The chain wasn’t running smoothly in the tubes, it was running in.

I did stop several times for inspection but I couldn’t find the problem.

When I arrived at the house of my friend Ton, I was headed for, we both looked at the problem and did find it!

The chain tensioner wheels, made contact with the rear chain wheel itself!

Ton made a little sketch and went to work.

Half an hour later the metal piece was ready and installed.

The problem was solved!

Ton and I were very excited! I am very glad with the help of Ton (again) and thanked him frequently.

The ride back was without any noise, great!


See the picture on my blog for explanation!


All in all, the gear was as expected and I was very glad now I am ready for the adventure.


My physical condition isn’t what it has to be, but I am not worrying.

In time I will gain in physical condition fast.

Also I won’t have to do anything else but cycle every day about a 100 km.

I will definitely manage!


The gear in the bags is ready for 95% and will be completely ready this week.


I will box my bicycle this week, so it will be ready for the flight.


Coming Sunday my family and I will have a nice diner together.


Another week and a half I will have to work in the hospital and then I will be off!


The next update will be from Prudhoe Bay where I will tell about the trip by plane.


3 Reacties

  1. Ad Voerman:
    3 juli 2014
    Ha die Menno we zijn erg benieuwd naar je eerste verhaal.
    Heb je geen goede reis kunnen wensen,maar dat doe ik bij deze dan.
  2. Wayne Wildgrube:
    5 juli 2014
    Hello Memmo. I hope all is going well and can only assume you do not yet have internet to post your travel adventure and progress. I look forward to hearing from you soon. All the best, Wayne.
  3. Jeff and Lois Bellamy:
    11 juli 2014
    My husband and I are vacationing in Alaska from Ohio and we drove the Dalton Highway today to the Yukon River. We saw Menno at around mile 25 and he flagged us down to see if we had water as the river bank was too steep, we did not but we told him we would be back through and would bring some with us. On our way back from the Yukon we saw him again and filled up his water bottles and had the pleasure of hearing about his planned journey. We found him delightful and his adventure sounds awesome! He looked well and mentioned he hadn't had connection to update. He will probably hit Fairbanks tomorrow evening or Saturday morning if I were to guess (it's Wednesday 5p.m. here). Wishing you safe travels Menno!