Flight back and “throwing bag”!

21 april 2014 - Ede, Nederland

                                                                  Flight back and “throwing bag”!


The flight back is being booked, so now I am sure when I will return to the Netherlands!

On January 8th 08:15 am I will land in Amsterdam arriving from Atlanta. Here I will arrive from Panama City where I will leave on January 7th.

In Atlanta I’ll have to wait a couple of hours before leaving again.


www.weflycheap.nl wasn’t able to arrange a cheap return flight for me. So I did book the flight myself. This was about $100 more expensive because I wouldn’t book my flight with a very unknown travel agency.

I did book with http://www.cheaptickets.nl where I also booked my flight on june 28th this year to Anchorage.

All I have to make sure how expensive the extra’s will be; my bicycle and extra bag. I will search for answers in the coming weeks and let you know.


                                                                      Throwing bag

This is a tip from my brother in law and his wife. They are working in forest management and have to throw ropes in trees often.

Mostly they are using a catapult but also a throwing bag. See pictures below.

Now I made a throwing bag myself and sacrificed a 2-liter water-bag for this reason.

A professional throwing bag is already filled (= heavy!) with lead balls.

I made mine reusable: filling my bag with stones or sand. After use I will empty the bag again and it will be light enough.

I tried it outside and it worked great!

I am very satisfied now!


The preparations are continuing and the “to-do” lists are smaller and smaller!