Finishing project, Fitness and Pictures

13 november 2013 - Ede, Nederland

Finishing project, Fitness and Pictures

Not many developments.

Last week I ordered (and received) my travel business cards at the Vistaprint Company. I will post a picture of it on the weblog.


Building project in my home will finish this month, so from that point on I can focus more on the preparations of my big trip next year.


My fitness

When I started my last trip in 2008 I did run a marathon one month before I left. So I was very fit then.

Now it is different.

I am not running anymore, cycling; not enough, to work and back, sometimes some shopping. Also  I occasionally I do a longer cycle tour with my Quest.

From July this year I went to the fitness three times a week, this helps a lot.

In the spring 2014 I will cycle (much) more.

Often with my Quest, this, because I am able to cycle longer distances with less energy.