Bicycle modification

26 januari 2014 - Ede, Nederland


To prepare my bicycle for the big trip, a modification plan is made.


This week I made a good start with this!

The front wheel had a new rim. This rim was a gift from my good friend Alex. He brought this rim with him when he visited me in 2011. 

This modification was done at the bicycle repair shop, they did a good job.

I can repair a wheel by replacing a spoke, but building a wheel is something for craftsmen!


The rear wheel had a big renovation!

This was a tip of another CONDOR cyclist.

A Rohloff (hub) wheel has 32 spokes, this is strong, but.....

It can be build stronger. My bicycle is loaded heavy and I am a strong cyclist.

Now the wheel is changed from 16 spokes on both sides, to 24 spokes on both sides!

This because two rings are being build in.

A very good investment!


Also I bought a new mat for the seat on my recumbent.

3 cm thick and very comfortable, even in the rain it does't hold any water!

From the same material I bought a neck support.


I need a new bag under my seat between the other bags.

For this I created a mal from cart box paper.

The next weeks I will continue this development.