Alex and Megan Bellingham

26 augustus 2014 - Bellingham, Washington, Verenigde Staten

Special Blog of Alex and Megan


I make this blog because Alex and Megan did give me so much support to have my rest, gave me valuable information about gear, cycle repair and maintenance.

And really I felt home!


I became friends with Alex when we met in 2008 while watching the Tour the France in the Mount Baker Bakery.

This was very early in the morning about 6 am!

Watch this scene: dozens of cyclists came to the bakery to watch the Tour the France together.

There were so many cyclists, they even had television sets outside the Bakery!

The atmosphere was great!

Alex and I did a lot of great things together and he, Richard West and Charlie did help me also with my bicycle than and I had a great time in Bellingham.


After my return to the Netherlands We stayed in contact and Alex did come to the Netherlands to cycle to and in France.

He also did a huge tour: Paris Brest Paris 1200 km it took him 65 hours!

Later that year he married Megan. I did not meet her in 2008.


This year he would have cycled with me from Prudhoe Bay / Deadhorse to Bellingham.

Unfortunately this would not happen.

His mother had to have a major operation and Alex was helping her in recovering after this operation.

This would have taken place in May, so Alex was ready in June to cycle with me.

Unfortunately his mother broke her arm so the other operation had to be postponed.

This resulted also in the situation that Alex would not be able to cycle with me.

Alex was absolutely not happy with this; he was preparing for this trip so much.

Well this was the situation and I didn’t blame him of course.

We will cycle together in the future!


I was very glad I could be his guest when I arrived in Bellingham!

It did feel like coming home!

Even though I was never in his (present) house. In 2008 I did stay with Charlie and Richard.

Alex was away sometimes cycling with a group or with Richard on the tandem and the group training.

Megan was studying hard and did run and cycle a lot.


Namara, Alex his son, was with us too and we had a great time talking about various subjects!

We went to the movie (Boyhood) with Megans Father David and Namara. So great!

Also Megans mother, Penny, made me some supper the first evening after I arrived, such a great woman!

Again, Bellingham is having a great atmosphere, Flowers, small shops, lot of cyclists, cycle paths, relaxed atmosphere all over!


I thank Alex and Megan for the way they made this possible and give me this good time in Bellingham!

Also many thanks to Richard West for his help with the wheels!

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  1. AlexBrede:
    2 oktober 2014
    It was wonderful to spend so much time with you, my friend!