Alex Brede a very good friend:

22 december 2013 - Ede, Nederland

Alex Brede a very good friend:

You know me a little bit by now.

In my last blog update I told you about Alex Brede.

For most of you Alex is unknown.

When I searched for an address in 2008 for bike maintenance and a little rest before I was to cycle on again, I searched the Internet on the “”.

This website is a database of cyclists who are willing to offer a shower, a good night sleep and sometimes more.

I was offered a lodging at the address of Charlie, one of the friends of Alex.

Because Charlies home was situated a liitle bit out of the borders of Bellingham I moved and stayed at the house of Richard West, another friend of Alex.

Because Richard was working a lot, I spent a lot of time with Alex.


The contact with Alex (and the others) continued.

Alex visited Europe in 2011. He cycled to and in France. Also he did the monster journey of Paris Brest Paris. A distance of 1230 km, he did this distance in 65 hours and 36 minutes! (And he enjoyed cycling this monster distance!)


Max, my son, visited Alex in September 2013 and had 3 wonderful weeks with Alex Megan and their friends!


When I told Alex for the first time, he said he would like to cycle with me from Alaska to his hometown in Washington state!


This is going to be a very good time!

In the mean time we have regular contact with Skype before we leave and will keep having regular contact until we start cycling on july 1th 2014!


Now you know a little bit more about Alex, before our start together.